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Our Team

Whizz Bang Pop was set up in 2006 by Sally C. Davis, a professional actress & children’s writer. She writes and directs children’s theatre, runs the drama clubs and co-manages the entertainers. Mkaya Carrigan is Co-Director of the company. She performs at events under her character name, Bubbles. All team members have professional performance training either in acting, drama, dance or musical theatre. Between them, Sally and Mkaya have worked with companies including: E4, 21st Century Film, Theatre Royal Haymarket, Quantum Theatre for Science, Jump Through Hoops theatre (Co-Producer), Partytime Productions, Simply Smiley productions (Co-Founder), Theatre Royal Brighton, Working Title, Objective Productions, Tristan Bates Theatre, Strides Childcare, Early Years Nursery.

Bubbles  is a professional actress, performer and dance & drama teacher. London & Herts     

Izzy Whizzy is a professional actress & writer. She also runs the drama clubs. Sussex & Hamps

Seashells is a professional actress & drama teacher. She is exuberant super sporty. London & Cambs









Blossom is a specialist in World Performance. She has acrobatic & physical theatre circus skills. London & South East

Petal is a professional actresshas performed for children all over Europe in touring theatre shows. Sussex, London &  Herts

Mr Chuckles is a professional actor and a specialist in comedy and giggles. London & South East

Loopy is an actress and storyteller, with the most wonderful tales and characters. Sussex, Surrey & Kent