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Toddler Time

For younger children we offer a brilliant mini party full of songs, music, dance and bubbles in our Toddler Time package. Aimed at children aged from 1-3 years the entertainer will lead interactive activities for the children and parents to participate in.  Under 1 yrs are welcome to join in too. The party is gentle and fun and includes:

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  • Music and dancing
  • Simple Party Games
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Parachute games
  • Puppet
  • Mini Magic
  • Sweeties or Biscuits
  • Entertainer dressed in the costume of your choice

You can mix and match the activities as you please. The pace will be appropriate for younger children. The entertainer will provide activities for 50 minutes, you can take a 5 – 10 min break in the middle of the party if  the children are very young or run the 50 minutes straight through. We ask parents join in with the activities in the party circle.

If you felt that you wanted further activities and additional time you can book the entertainer in further 30 minute slots and have balloon models, temporary tattoos or face paints.  It works best with larger parties or groups with older children also attending.

Prices for Toddler Time Party

  • 30 mins   £99.00       Any 2 of the standard activities above
  • 50 mins   £129.00     Any 3 of the standard activities above
  • 70 mins   £155.00     Any 4 of the standard activities above

All Full Party Packages include:

  • Biscuit snack or sweeties
  • Any activities  of your choice
  • Music
  • Invitations
  • Entertainer costume: fairy, princes, pirate, superhero, whizzy dungarees

Meet and Greet
The entertainer will arrive 15 minutes beforehand to set up, she will meet and greet your guest as they arrive with music playing.

Bubbles, Nursery Rhymes, Dancing
The children and parents will be asked to sit in a circle, we’ll then have 25 minutes of action packed but gentle fun including sing along, bubbles and nursery rhymes.

There is a 5 – 10 minute s break in the middle of the party if the children require it, your entertainer will provide sweeties or biscuits for every child.

Puppet Show, Parachute, Music
The second half, again lasting 25 minutes will consist of a mini puppet show, parachute and music.

70 Minute Parties
If you have booked for a 90 minute slot the final 30 minutes will be the 2 activities of your choice ( balloon models, tattoos or face paints). We give the children a 5 minute break before commencing.

We ask that parents are present at all times and are willing to participate in all activities, babies aged 0-1 are welcome to join in although we aim the parties at ages 1-3yrs. The total time the entertainer will be there with your guests is 1 hour, providing 50 minutes of fun.

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