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Classic Activity Party

Our Classic Activity Parties are for children aged 3 – 10 years. You can mix and match the activities as you please and book anything from 1 hour upwards. We offer a traditional style birthday party with great flexibility. We cater for up to 25 children per entertainer and come to your home or hired venue. Your choice of 12 different activities includes:

1. Face painting      5. Balloon Modelling        9. Colour Hairsprays

2. Magic Show       6. Temporary tattoos        10.Drama Games

3.Puppet Show       7. Singing & dance           11. Party Games 

4. Parachute           8. Plate Spinning             12. Sports Day Races



Included in the cost of every booking is:
Sweets, prizes, pass the parcel (if requested), music system, insurance and entertainer. Costumes of your choice: Superhero, Fairy, Pirate, Pixie, Whizzy dungarees, Princess Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Stormtrooper (Star Wars), Princess Elsa/Ana (Frozen) and more! 



Example 2 Hour Party Plan

Meet & Greet 
The entertainer will arrive 15 minutes prior to the party to set up, ready to meet and greet the guests as they arrive & get them into the party spirit.
Interactive Magic & Party Games
After starting off with an interactive magic show, we will play some party games such as musical statues & duck duck goose. We always include heaps of dancing plus prizes and sweets for the childrens’ groovy moves. 
Face Paints, Tattoos or Colour Hair Sprays

After around 45 minutes, the entertainer will break the children for their food. You can choose between basic face painting, temporary tattoos or colour hairsprays depending on the number of guests. At the end of the food, we will lead the children in the Happy Birthday song.
Pass the Parcel
We provide a parcel upon request with 6 layers of small prizes and a larger prize at the end for the birthday child.
Parachute Games & Plate Spinning
Great for groups of all ages; non-competitive group games.
Balloon Modelling & Dancing 
We finish off with a giant dancing competition (grown ups – that means you too!) with a balloon model for every child to take home. 

PRICES (full price list page click link)

  • 1 hour                        £145.00            3 Activities of Your choice
  • 1.5 hours                    £185.00            4 Activities of Your choice
  • 2 hours                       £215.00            6 Activities of Your choice
  • 2.5 hours                    £250.00            8 Activities of Your choice
  • 3 hours                       £285.00            All activities 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which games do we play?
Traditional party games, music based games & non-music based such as musical bumps and duck-duck-goose
What are parachute games?
A large piece of round material used to play games in a group.
What is best for young children (3yrs)?
Visual & musical based activities (puppetry, magic, dancing).
What age is it suitable for older children (6yrs+)?
Tattoos, games, dance routines & balloons are popular but all are suitable with the exception of the puppet.
What if I slightly exceed 25 children (25 – 28)?
We can adjust to this, as long as there are helpful parents on hand. Although, we may have to adjust your chosen activities or ask you to choose fewer.
How Long Does Face Painting Take?
A rough guide is about 2 minutes per child. So, if you have 15 children, then we allocate 30 minutes. We can offer smaller face paints to larger groups of children. We do not usually do face painting  at a 1 hour party, as it can take up the majority of the time.

For answers to more queries see out FAQs page